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Reid Brothers UK are worldwide exporters of strapping, banding and load securing systems.


Industrial Products


  • Polyester, Polypropylene, Steel, Stainless Steel Banding & Strapping
  • Ratchet Lashings, Straps, Webbing for Load Control
  • Lifting Slings (Duplex, Round, Eye Slings)
  • Stainless Steel Tube, Strip, Conduit, Coil (Slit & Sheet)
  • Safety Footwear (Boots)
  • Hand Protection (Gloves)
  • Head Protection (Helmets)
  • Face Protection (Shields)
  • Spill Control for Oils, Chemicals, Liquids & Hazardous Spills
  • ATEX Equipment - Mobile Phones, Laptops, Radios, Cameras, Portable Lighting
  • Industrial Safety Matting
  • Low Voltage Electrical Safety
  • Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Tools - Strapping, Banding, Tensioning, Lifting, Cutting
  • Cutting Tools - Power Cables, Umbilicals, Flexible Risers, Hydraulic Lines


Main Suppliers

  • 3M Cold Shrink, Heat Shrink, Scotchcast Resins, Aerosols
  • 3M Peltor Communication & Active Listening Headsets
  • 3M Scotch Tapes
  • 3M Nomad Safety Matting & Safety Walk Anti-Slip Matting
  • Band-It Stainless Steel Band, Strap & Cable Ties
  • Band-It Hose Clamps
  • BM Polyco Gloves
  • CATU Electrical Safety
  • Cembre Cable Cutting & Crimping Tools
  • COBA Safety Matting
  • CorDEX Cameras - Intrinsically Safe & ATEX
  • Darcy Spill Control & Containment
  • DEHN Electrical Safety
  • Dolezych Web Slings, Round Slings, Load Securing
  • ECOM ATEX Hazardous Area Mobile Phones, Laptops & PDA's
  • English Braids Steelsafe, Raizer & Dyneema Lifting Ropes
  • Fromm Steel Strapping & Tools
  • HCL Subsea Smart Band & Plastic Strapping
  • HexArmor Gloves
  • Mega Fortis Security Seals
  • Motorola ATEX Hazardous Area Radios
  • Mykal Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Plastex Plastic Strapping
  • Peli Torches Hazardous Area ATEX, Rail, Fire & Rescue
  • Polyco Gloves & Hand Protection
  • Respirex PPE & Foot Protection
  • Rockforce Boots & Foot Protection
  • Spanset Ratchet Lashings & Straps
  • Surefast Strapping & Load Securing
  • Transpak Strapping Tools & Strapping Machines
  • Veltkamp Strapping Buckles
  • Wolf Safety Lamps - Torches, Headlamps, Handlamp
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